Hang Gliding Training: H2


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An H2 Rating is not equal to a pilots license, but more like a Solo rating from instructor allowing new pilot to proceed without constant supervision. More practice and skills are required for advanced flying sites.

We provide all equipment needed for your lessons, including an H2 rating for continuing students. All paid lessons are applied towards your Hang 2 rating.

A typical class includes basic ground school, how it flies, and several of your first attempts at flight. At the end of this training process, the student is usually flying from moderate altitudes (several hundred to a few thousand ft) in relative mild conditions.

Partial list of knowledge and skills acquired:
  • Ability to fly and practice without direct instructor supervision (with significant limitations).
  • Completion of 8 hours of ground school theory.
  • Ability to set up equipment, perform preflight check, and evaluate conditions of the site and self.
  • Ability to perform successful, confident launches on a shallow slope with less than 6 mph wind.
  • Ability to fly comfortably and smoothly along a planned path, including 180° and "S" turns in both directions, at various speeds and bank angles.
  • Ability to perform safe, successful landings on feet within 100 ft of a target.
  • Experience and knowledge sufficient to pass the USHPA Novice Hang Gliding Written Exam.
Additional details about certification requirements are available at the USHPA website.

Hang Gliding Training: H3


Hang 3 Intermediate - continued training from your Hang 2.

Hang Gliding Training: Single Day


Not ready to pull the trigger yet?
Go lesson by lesson for as long as you like. And, you're always welcome to come kick back and watch the action (no cost, obviously).
All equipment is provided.
Single day lesson lasts between 3 & 4 hours.
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