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High Desert Hang Gliding

located in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico

Learn to fly a hang glider at your own pace. Whether you want to float from low hills on smooth days, tow up behind our powered trike or a truck to fly at sunset, fly high over mountains all over the world, compete with other pilots, fly long cross-country flights, fly aerobatic routines, or you want to pursue the world of engine powered hang gliding ... we can guide you through all the options and find a lesson plan to get you to your goals. We have the equipment and the instructors, and want to see you in the sky doing something fun. Many folks think they wouldn't enjoy "flying", believing it is just one crazy thing they saw on TV. Flying can be any one of many different hobbies. Remember that driving can be racing or touring or off roading or just driving to work. One word does not define all the different options and we can help you find the sort of flying that you will enjoy.

High Desert Hang Gliding offers year round glider training.

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Call your instructor today! You can learn to fly! ... Or catch a ride with us.

• Mel (505) 710-8208

Or Email us at melglantz1@yahoo.com for more information and to schedule your next pursuit.


Want to know why this hobby is the world's best kept secret?

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